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Embracing the Intricacy of a Traditional Elephant Figurines

The elephant is considered a sacred animal in many cultures and religions. This animal is a symbol of wisdom, good luck, protection of home and near and dear ones, and fertility. It is for these reasons many homeowners prefer using elephant figurines in their home as décor objects. In ancient Chinese placement art, Feng Shui, the position of the elephant’s trunk plays a vital role. A trunk pointing upwards means good fortune is about to be showered on you. A trunk pointingdownwardsis a symbol of accumulating energy. Trunks that are intertwined reflects friendship and love. 

Placing elephant figurines in your home can help you bring positive energy into your home. Here, we bring you some of the best elephant figurine options that can add to the décor of your humble abode. 

  1. Brass Elephant Figurine- Animal figurines in brass material has always been one of the most sought-after décor objects in many homes. Many of these figurines come with intricate meenakari work that adds to its beauty and charm. It is traditional in look and goes well with an ethnic-themed space. 
  1. Wooden Elephant Figurine- Wood is a natural material that adds warmth and comfort to any space. Placing elephant figurines made of polished wood and decorated with intricate paint and mosaic work looks lovely and appealing. 
  1. Papier Mache Elephant Figurine- Another material in which these figurines are available is papier-mache. It looks charming and adds a rustic touch to the space where it is placed. 
  1. Marble Elephant Figurine- This décor piece looks very elegant, classy, and stunning with its intricate carving. It is not easy to carve marble and needs a lot of precision to get the figurine done correctly. 
  1. Oxidized Brass Elephant Figurine- If you are looking for a different and unique figurine to decorate your living room, check out oxidized brass elephant that looks very classy when placed on a cabinet in the living room or any other space of choice. 

In the Hindu religion, the elephant is considered as God, and placing this figurine is known to bring a lot of luck to the people residing in the home.

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