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Reasons To Use Handmade Wooden Jewelry Boxes

Beautiful old-fashioned jewelry boxes of wood with over-embellished, wood engravings look more like artworks.

Unmistakably, stashing costly jewels, precious stones, valuable accessories, etc. in jewelry boxes is a terrific idea as they stay safe in one place and are shielded from damage, burglary, etc. Nonetheless, there are other reasons why wooden jewelry boxes handmade may perhaps be a picture-perfect way to stock your priceless jewels.

Wooden jewelry boxes handmade can be deeply customized.

Firstly, both standardized and tailor-made jewelry boxes are easily available. However, handmade wooden jewelry boxes can be built according to the specifications of an individual buyer. This results in super bespoke jewelry box designs (readily obtainable in different designs and shapes as per client’s requirements). Such extremely custom-made jewelry boxes can be ideal for couples, jewelry brand names, planning to celebrate their golden jubilees, etc.

Wooden jewelry boxes handmade with or without locks and partitions are procurable

Members of the public can easily obtain both types of handmade wooden jewelry boxes, that is wooden jewelry boxes that possess partitions (for different jewels) and closure devices as well as boxes that don't have either.

This is in contrast to delicate ceramic jewelry boxes that are aesthetically very appealing and make gorgeous gifts but short of subdivisions. What that translates to is that you have to place the jewels, one upon another, which increases the risk of their damage.

In addition, convenient design of wooden jewelry boxes such as a chest of drawers is freely available.

Handmade wooden jewelry boxes are strongly constructed

These well-made wooden jewelry boxes are manufactured from thick hardwoods like bud rosewood, ebony, redwood, sheesham, stripped sheesham, etc. Thus, these sturdy boxes can cope with rough handling as they are built to last.

Handmade wooden jewelry boxes are usually furnished with felt, velvet or cloth lining.

Padding the inner surface of the case with this kind of lining material not only protects the valuables but also keeps the smooth finish of the jewels intact and makes them more noticeable

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