Carved Wooden Wall Hangings


How we dress our walls says a lot about who we are. Which is why our collection of exquisite wall hangings offer you a range of choices, where you’re sure to find something you love. From bold designs to very intricate work, our wall hangings are light, durable and easy to maintain.

Elegant wooden wall hangings from Little Elephant

When you choose the right wall hanging, you can liven up the closed space of your home and office. It is true; the way you decorate your house speaks a lot about your personality and nature. Carved wood wall hangings bring in the subtle earthy look and feel to your home. 

At Little Elephant, we believe in providing our customers with sustainable products. Our core expertise lies in sourcing authentic pieces of hand-carved wooden items and metal décor pieces. We have also committed ourselves to the revival and sustenance of ancient art forms practiced by artisans in India's rural areas. Thus, at our online store, you choose from a blend of handmade wooden wall hangings and cast brass pieces. All with guaranteed quality for a lifetime! And, all of them created with flawless detailing and professional expertise. 

At Little Elephant, you get to choose from 

  1. Carved wooden wall décor 

Intricately designed and hand-carved wood wall hangings at our online store offer you an awesome shopping experience. Pick from different designs, shapes, and colors that can serve as panels and mounted racks. You get the choicest carved floral patterns to pick from on our website. We stock selected exclusive décor pieces that are the fruit of the labor of small-time local artisans from India.  

  1. Brass décor items

Little Elephant presents the face of Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed God who, as per Hindu customs, is worshipped for new beginnings. He is also believed to remove all obstacles. The omnipresent Lord makes for an excellent décor. Our metallic brass face of the Lord is an example of fine artwork, prepared by the artisan community from certain remote parts of India.

Strengthening our commitment towards creating an optimized balance between nature and reviving ancient art form of making carved wooden wall décor and metallic decorative pieces, we get the best quality décor pieces for your homes. 

Why should you shop with us?

  • Our carved wooden and brass hangings come with promised quality and superior craftsmanship.
  • Every décor piece is designed with finesse.
  • A concise and yet beautiful range of options.
  • Our wooden wall hangings and brass pieces are hand-carved with antique and traditional artwork. 
  • This virtuous art has been passed on from one generation of artisans to another in India - thanks to the zeal of a few who have been the torchbearers through centuries.

Made from engineered wood and hand-carved, lighten up your living spaces with the delicate beauty of our hangings and décor pieces.