Artisan Handmade Home Decor


Exclusive decor for the distinguished home

Houses become homes when the personality of the family is infused into it. Whether you live alone or with friends and family, your home reflects who you are. And if you aren’t like a million others, why should your home decor be? Dive into our exclusive home decor collection, carefully curated by hand picking some of the most unique pieces from the farthest corners.

Statement wall hangings, photo frames with an edge, standout accent pieces, stunning bathroom accessories, distinct coasters, fashionable candle stands, rare book ends and the most definitive dining accessories await you. Browse our line of home decor and instill freshness into your life!

Fill Up Your Interiors with Handmade Décor for Home Items from Little Elephant

Whether you get your interiors done in the modern contemporary style or prefer to stick to a vintage heritage theme, your home represents your personality in many ways. A lot of what goes in the décor symbolizes your inspirations and aspirations. One of the golden rules of decorating one's house is that you should live with what you love. Your place should not be centred on showing off but have elements that nourish the mind, soul, and body.

Helping you achieve that optimal look inside and outside your home, we present various handmade décor for home items that are sourced from different parts of the world. The essence of our décor pieces are:

  • Handmade 

Little Elephant specializes in handcrafted items, be it a wooden carved photo frame as a tabletop décor item or an elegant piece of ceramic bathroom set. What you get here consists of chosen items that have originated and have got completed because of an artisan's hard work and toil. We have evolved to promote the essence of manual artwork, which requires skills and expertise. Our core specialty lies in traditional made-by-hand tabletop and hanging items from India – craft pieces and ideas that are embedded in the rich ancient culture of the country.  

  • Aesthetic beauty

Each piece of artisan home décor item that we sell has made its way to our online store after a series of considerations based on practical use and appeal. Since we know that the indoors need to be visually appealing and soothing to our senses, we strive hard to get your products that enhance your place's beauty.  

  • Choices

We love to experiment with new ideas; thus, always attempting to get our customers a range of choicest items from the world over. Be it intricately carved tabletop décor like a Lattice design Soapstone Candle Holder or a piece of Ornate Brass Picture Frame. Colors and hues, patterns and designs, shapes, and sizes – you will find one or the other piece that calms your mind and catches your eyes instantly. Each of these handmade pieces has been assorted with care and love – the intention is to bring our customers some out-of-the-world artisan home décor tabletop showpieces and items with guaranteed quality and make.  

Every small or big handmade décor for home pieces featured at the Little Elephant store is the result of intricate designing and hours of relentless work by seasoned local artisans. Each of these wall hangings and tabletop products comes from the best-of-its-kind raw material that is locally sourced. Every piece is made sustainably because we are as passionate about the environment as we are about getting you the choicest handmade home décor items. And finally, we take care to ensure that all artisan products are made in adherence to best practices.