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Five Artisan Home Decor Ideas For a Beautiful Home

Home is our paradise, our sleeping pad, and the place where we spend most of our time. Our surroundings tell a lot about our personality. Therefore, home decor is an essential part of setting up a house. Here are some eye-catching artisan home decor ideas to make your house a paradise. 


Photo frames

Artisan photo frames with intricate detailing and blending colors to suit the theme will be the perfect addition. They can be decorated with family photos, collages, artworks, or even mirrors. A circular frame with a golden or silver border can be used as a mirror frame as well. The touch of a vintage mirror will make a house more appealing. 


Candle stands 

Available in various designs like contemporary or vintage, candle stands go with all decors. Incense and aromatic candles can be lighted and placed on these stands. Marble pedestal stands or marble pillar candle holder will enhance the beauty of the room. These stands can be decorated even without candles. We can use big fairy lights instead of the candles and place them on the stands. 



Glass, brass, and other types of vases with antique designs go with all home decors. They can be placed in groups of 3-4 vases or individually with artificial flowers. We can use real plants to decorate them as well. Vases can also be used without flowers, in a group of different sizes. Glass vases can be decorated by filling it with colorful stones.


Artisan Home Decor Sculptures

Beautiful colors like golden, turquoise, teal, blue, black go with almost all themes. They carry a magical feel along with them. Their presence makes any place more enchanting and intriguing to the visitors.


Wall decor

We can use various decor items to cover our bare walls beautifully. Wooden decor like medallions, wall panels, and wall hanging adds an authentic touch to our house. We can use creepers along with the wall decor to add some greenery to our living space. 


Artisan home decor can add originality and uniqueness to our homes. These items are handmade with intrinsic patterns and designs that will touch your heart. 


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