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Why Sterling Silver Jewelry is Referred as '925 Silver'

Sterling silver, which is also known as 925 silver, is famous around the world. It is used in several different types of jewelry and is treated with the utmost reverence. A lot of people wonder what the main difference between silver and sterling silver is. Technically, sterling silver contains 92.5 percent of silver. The remaining is copper. Due to the percentage of silver, it was widely recognized as sterling silver. The copper gives the composition sturdiness, making it ideal for designing jewelry. Indeed, sterling silver has a sheen that makes it appropriate for all age groups. 


With this being said, here are few benefits of using sterling silver, alias 925 silver. 


  • Copper in sterling silver makes the metal truly durable. Most of the time, unique pieces of jewelry made using sterling silver last for decades. To be more precise, as women love to pass their antiques from one generation to another, opting for sterling silver makes sense.


  • Fashion is something that keeps changing on a daily note. But, jewelry made from pure silver is often limited to a standard number of options! On the other hand, sterling silver gives both the customers and brands the freedom to develop many stunning designs. This would be the true specialty of sterling silver jewelry. You have thousands of designs to choose from. Over the years, brands have paired sterling silver with a variety of gemstones too. This means you can buy the jewelry with your lucky gemstone in it! This gives people who love silver but dislike gold - the opportunity to build their collection.



  • Sterling silver does not have any traces of brass or nickel. This makes sterling silver jewelry a safe option for people who are allergic to the latter. Silver and copper make a great combination, as they form a hard metal that can be used to design jewelry without any worries about allergies, durability, or strength. In fact, sterling silver jewelry can be worn by people with sensitive skin too. 


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