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How Handmade Home Décor Gives a Complete New Look To Your Home

Home decor goods are bits that spruce up a house's interior. If however, these decorative projects, furnishings, etc. are made by hand, especially with care or craftsmanship and not by machine, then these works of art can fully transform the appearance of one's home. Take, for example, home decor items made of handloom or handmade lamps.

1-Macrame wall tapestry hangings

A fine example of handmade decor for home is elegant woven macrame wall hangings.

Handwoven macrame wall hangings, geometric macrame wall hangings, in particular, can be awe-inspiring in any place.

Also, macramé wall hangings need not always be white or off-white. As a matter of fact, they can be in all the hues of the rainbow. All that you really need is ropes of different colors. And if that's not possible, you can throw in colors at the final stage.

In addition, you can get DIY Macrame wall hanging patterns for nothing.

2-Pebble paintings

A different example of handmade decor for home is Pebble painting or Pebble art.

This concept of painted rocks is the latest craze in pebble painting and has a large number of enthusiastic users. These stone paintings can be used to decorate your garden. 

Of late, stone art has evolved into one of the most habit-forming activity for both children and grown-ups.

3-Embellishing homes with paper flower decor

Attractive interior decorations with paper such as a bunch of origami paper roses, jumbo crepe paper roses, paper peonies, etc. can be very useful for occasions like first birthday party of an infant.

Extra-large paper flowers can be made quickly and that too, using any kind of paper. Used in spring or summer party settings, they would be a feast for the eyes.

4-Creating lovely doily luminaries with recycled jars!

Doily luminaries would be an additional handmade home decor item that can be built using repurposed jars, doilies and a bit of burlap and twine. They would be ideal for weddings, wedding centerpieces to be precise.

5-Attach an ornamental door hanging wind chimes!

One more handmade decor for home item would be a handmade and hand-painted door hanging wind chimes.


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