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The Influence of Elephant Figurines in Your House/Office

Elephant figurines play an integral role in FengShui. If you are planning to improve the look and feel of your home decor, you need to consider the elephant figurines. By definition, FengShui is a Chinese Practice. It controls the way you position things around your property. The role of FengShui is to balance the Yin and Yang, which in return controls the flow of Chi around your home. The elephant represents Lord Ganesha and Buddha. It is a figurine that can spread good luck, strength and harmony into your home. However, the influence will not be seen until the picture, orelephant figurine is placed in the right place, and in the right way.


Here are a few ways the elephant figurines incorporate with your home or office decor.


  • When you add an elephant figurine at the entrance of your property, you will be bringing good luck into your home. It would be a wise choice to integrate the figurine with your front door. If there are big pieces at the entrance of your home, ensure that the elephant monument is not blocked by the larger pieces. Always keep the figurines placing inwards. This will spread positive results into your property.


  • For generations, elephants have been related to protection. They have been used as guardians and protectors by kings around the world. Hence, the role of the figurine is to protect your dear ones, and property from negative impact. To be more precise, the elephant figurine helps in safeguarding the property from an evil eye. To achieve this, you need to position the elephant outwards.


  • Many times, you can consider keeping the elephant figurine inside your bedroom. The role of the elephant in this area is to boost the harmonious relationship with your partner.


  • Finally, you can consider keeping the elephant figurine in the study zone of your property. The role of the figurine in such "places" is to strengthen the flow of wisdom, knowledge and better focus. In case you are planning to take up a new course, or even change your job - the figurine will help you visualize power and wisdom.

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