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A Guide for Buying Wooden Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry box is a must-have that helps store your delicate accessories with care. Jewelry pieces, as we all know, whether artificial or real, should be kept away from the moisture in the air and direct sunlight. Keeping in a box invariably keeps them safe and untainted. When kept in a box, your jewelry is safe and arranged in an organized manner. 

A wooden jewelry box is not only attractive but also a sturdy item piece that keeps your jewelry pieces safe and well-protected.


Follow this guide to buy the best box.


  • Material

Ensure that the box is made of premium quality wood. Wood is a natural product; hence, natural, sustainable looks great and is an affordable alternate to boxes made from other materials like leather, metal, and so on.


  • Type 

When you get down to choose a jewelry box, you will come across different types. There are simple boxes with a base and a lid, and others that come with specially-made compartments.

The choice of the wooden jewelry box will depend on the type of ornaments that you need to store. If there are expensive pieces, then one with locks should suit; if there are heavy pieces or sensitive ones, you should use the compartments. If you want one for keeping regular accessories, choose a small-sized box that can be kept inside the purse. 


  • Design of the box

You get wooden jewelry boxes that are hand-crafted and mass-produced ones. The ones that have been made by an artisan will have a more extensive and intricate working and would be exclusive pieces as no two boxes will be identical. Mass-produced boxes, on the other hand, will have the same design throughout. 


  • Price

This should be typically considered last but should be compared. Remember, hand-made wooden jewelry boxes will be costly than the ones made in the factory. But it is worth it because the piece that you will have will be one-of-its-kind.

Choose to buy from the right online store as you will be sure that you get a high-quality product made with finesse and perfection.

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