Animal Figurines


A beautiful slice of the forest life

Animal figurines feature in some of the most elegant homes the world over. Our artisanal collection comprises hand-chiseled figurines that are made to perfection by the most masterful craftsmen. From the traditional Indian meenakaari work on brass and intricate hand carving on wood, to hand-chiseled soapstone with jali design and artistic carving on marble and marble dust – our collection of animal figurines is sure to leave you wowed.

Pick your favorite, either for personal use or gifting, to add a touch of class to the home and office!

Bring Home a Traditional Handmade Elephant Figurine from Little Elephant

The elephant has been a symbol of royalty for ages in  India. The giant tusker was used by kings and nobles to travel from one place to another in ancient times.

Handmade figurines of elephants have been traditionally crafted for centuries by local artisans in various parts of the country. Each place has its unique way of handcrafting the gentle animal. Each generation has strived hard to keep alive the traditional art form. As a result, we find such distinct styles of handcrafted figures and statutes today. 

Why decorate with figurines of the elephant?

  • Elephant Figurines fill our homes with positivity

Be it Feng Shui or the Indian Vedas, placing sculpted statuette of an elephant represents Lord Buddha or Lord Ganesha and hence is considered to be auspicious. The tusker denotes calmness and humility, intelligence, and wisdom. This big-sized animal is known for its caring nature toward its herd, symbolically denoting family bonding and caring for one another. 

  • Aesthetically beautiful

You may or may not believe in the symbolic interpretation of including the handmade figurines of the royal animal. Many people choose to decorate their homes with the statutes simply because they look so good and blend well with the overall setting. Somewhere deep lays the essence of traditional craftwork where expert artisans toil day and night to create masterpieces with their hands. Whether it is a simple sculpted figure or a work that involves an intricate piece of detailing, contouring, and designing, your indoors for sure brightens up when you choose to get a beautiful piece of work, home.

Why choose to buy from Little Elephant? 

Little Elephant was started as an endeavor to keep some of the traditional artwork of India alive. Towards this end, we have covered the country's length and breadth to find handmade décor items that are soul-stirring, impressive beyond words, and in some ways help native artisans from rural India make a decent living for themselves. Our name also bears this great animal because of its majestic presence that is so very inspiring. 

We feature the best pieces of handmade figurines of elephants made in different styles and various materials. Whether it is wood or metal, the raw materials come from local sources, ensuring that the entire process is eco-friendly. Each of these traditional artwork is different and involves hours of dedicated efforts by the artisan and his family. 

Little Elephant features heart-rending antique and carved elephant figurines handmade from marble, wood, or brass by indigenous artisans from India.