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Ways To Jazz Up a Room with Carved Wooden Wall Decor

Wood is simple and plain; a naturally derived material but can be used smartly and creatively to make your place upbeat and elegant. For centuries, mankind has been using wood from the forest to create attractive pieces of wall decor. The tradition still continues today – as a result, you can get some amazingly beautiful carved wooden wall decor items that lend a rustic sophisticated look to your room and interiors.

How to jazz up the room with carved wooden wall decor?

  1. Wall hangings – Unique carved wall hangings look simply endearing inside your house. These are creative and artistic with many traditional art forms and can be used on the wall of any room inside for creating the right déco
  3. Frames – One of the most common uses of carved wooden wall décor is framing your photos and having them displayed along the walls of your room. You can create a collage or a clipboard, turning one corner of your house into a nostalgic point where you can spend some reminiscent time with your family.
  5. Wooden shelves – These looks good anywhere and create an extra storage space. There are vast choices, whether you wish to shop online or from a physical store. Readymade shelves are ready to be fixed onto your wall. The look with this kind of wooden wall décor is undoubtedly old world and vintage. From book shelves in the living room to a rack in the kitchen, you can use them practically anywhere inside the house for creating the right effect and also for practical use.
  7. Wooden letters – Create impressive pieces of single big-sized alphabets and pallet letters – carve them out artistically from a piece of wood yourself or you can order from an online wooden art store to prepare the initials of each member of the family.
  9. Wall sign – A sign can really bring in the rustic twist to your place. You can buy one online or get creative and make it yourself. The sign can be added to any part of the house – indoors is better. In the outdoors, it means ensuring that the quality of the wood is water-resistant and durable.

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