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Significance of Gemstones according to Indian culture

Indian women have always been besotted with lovely jewelery. Whether it is a simple string of pure pearls or a heavy neckpiece studded with gemstones, every woman likes to have some amazing pieces that can add beauty and style to her overall ensemble. India has always been known for its amazing gemstone jewelery.

India started its sojourn into precious gemstones way back and it reached its zenith during the Mughal Era. When Mughal Invaders came to India in the early 1500s, it changed the culture and politics of the country to a significant extent. Mughals left an undeniable impact on our country’s architecture, art, and craft. The same was reflected in jewelery making. The use of gemstones in jewelery increased to a significant extent.

Indian Hindus have always crafted ornate and rich gemstone jewelerythat was largely influenced by pantheons of Gods and Goddesses. Heavy and chunky jewelery pieces studded with gemstones can be seen in old pictures, paintings, and statues. Intricate filigree designs were quite popular and seen in thick anklets, bracelets, neck pieces, earrings, nose rings, and more. Earlier such heavy jewelery was created for the Goddesses and later for temple dancers, but now Indian women love being adorned with such pieces. In these modern times, antique gemstone jewelery styles are quite in vogue and added to bridal trousseau. Women love wearing them on special occasions like pooja, weddings, and functions.

Women love wearing gemstone jewelery and choose these gemstones with great care. Usually, they take a very conservative approach while making a choice and stick to popular options like Ruby, Emerald, Pearls, and more. These gemstones are embedded in gold or silver in an ostentatious setting making it look spectacular. These gemstones are also known to have a lot of benefits.

Today, there is no dearth of stores that brings in admirable range of gemstone jeweleryin lovely settings. Navratnajewelery is also popular and every woman loves to own such lovely pieces. These gemstones can be worn with ethnic and modern dresses depending on its style and designs. It adds grace and elegance to the overall ensemble of the wearer.

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