Handmade Wooden Jewelry Boxes


Craftsmanship, etched in wood

Wooden boxes have held the most precious memories for centuries. From photographs to jewelry, these boxes hold the secrets to who we are. Choose from our line of exquisite wooden boxes that are hand carved from Sheesham wood, one of the most premium in the world.

Sourced from the leading craftsmen from Saharanpur – The Wood City of India, these boxes are inlaid with brass for sturdiness and engraved with rare craftsmanship. Ideal for jewelry, these are versatile for a wide range of uses.

Presenting Exquisitely Designed Handmade Wooden Jewelry Boxes from Little Elephant

Traditionally-made handmade wooden jewelryboxes, big or small, make for the safest place to keep your precious ornaments! When you buy handmade wooden boxes from Little Elephant, the superior quality of the box comes with a lifetime promise!

Wood – a gift of nature

Wood is one of the most versatile natural products that can be exquisitely carved by local artisans to create amazing examples of fine designs. The look of the jewelry box has that elemental rustic appeal, while there is no doubt about the elegance of these finely created pieces. A blessing from nature herself, wood can be crafted by a seasoned pair of hands into true beauty!

The native artisans of Saharanpur in India make all these handmade wooden handicrafts. These artists have been involved in churning out masterpieces from wood for ages – a craft inherited from their ancestors, generation after generation. 

Whether artificial or made from pure metals like gold and silver, our ornaments should never be kept in the open. They need a haven where they can be kept, away from sunlight and other impurities in the air. The container has to be tight, strong, dependable, and secure to hold your valuable treasures.

A handcrafted wooden box from the Little Elephant is ideal for keeping jewelry or your cherished memories. More so, the overall look of the box is impressive, with a vintage sophistication that depicts the love and craftsmanship of the artisan. Indeed, our items eloquently display that the craftsperson has put his heart and soul in creating such a unique work of art.

Our range consists of exclusive masterpieces

Handmade wooden jewelry boxes from Little Elephant boost of elite wood carvings and impeccable renditions of artwork. Subtle yet delicate, these handcrafted pieces can be used as showpieces because of the finesse and labyrinthine designing. Each work has a different theme, a different pattern – no two designs are the same. Our handcrafted pieces celebrate true artistic work – one that is the result of years of hard work and focused training of the traditional art forms. 

Come aboard and choose from different styles, shapes, and sizes at our online store. Embellished with floral designs and brass inlay, these are a true example of beauty and elegance.

Made from Sheesham wood, our handmade wooden jewelry boxes are lined with velvet so that your valuable ornaments are completely safe and secure. Besides using these handmade pieces for keeping your treasures, you can use them to keep delicate pieces of small-sized items, or your kids can use them to store their secrets and toys. In the same range, we offer wooden cardholders that make for an impressive accessory on your desk  or a thoughtful gift for a friend.