Handmade Wooden Picture Frames


Framing your most precious moments for posterity in the warmest corners of your home? Our distinctive collection of photo frames will spoil you for choice. Pick from solid brass, elegant marble, exquisite sheesham wood and the modern and practical MDF photo frames for your fondest memories. With options for single and multiple photos, these frames will open your world to a wide variety of styles.

Frame memorable moments in handmade wooden picture frames from Little Elephant

One of the prized gifts for us is our family and friends. People, we care for and those who care for us. For ages, man has been capturing memorable moments through the lens of a camera and printing them to frame them – a thing that has not changed much since eras gone by.

We love to mount the pictures of our loved ones in our homes to feel their presence. Choosing to go with handmade wooden picture frames from Little Elephant is the ideal way of filling your home with nature's warmth and inspiration.

The best place to shop for wooden frames for pictures is at the online store of Little Elephant. Here's why:


  • We bring intricately crafted handmade frames created by local artisans of India. 


  • Each piece of work at Little Elephant signifies dedicated labor of love and economic independence for someone trying to keep the craft of his ancestor’s alive.


  • Our specially created handmade wooden frames depict the richness of a tradition passed from generation to generation. 


  • Your home will be resplendent with the erudite craftsmanship of these artisans who belong to remote corners of India. Their art is not a product of modern industrialization but deep-rooted in the culture and artistry of one of the world's oldest civilizations.


  • All materials are locally sourced and are naturally engineered to create unique masterpieces. 


  • No artificial chemicals have been added because at Little Elephant, we believe in upholding local treatment processes that are natural and are based on profound ancient science.


Wooden picture frames that are crafted with hand, mixed with sweat and best practices, can add tons of natural essence to your place. Made from raw wood that is locally sourced, the pieces depict sustainability by instilling an undertone of positivity. 

Little Elephant symbolizes the grandeur and royalty of the Indian tusker. We endeavor to bridge the gap between the native artisans and the contemporary world at large. The purpose is to keep various ancient art forms like making handmade wooden picture frames alive to modern home interiors.

Choose from our selected pieces of exemplary handmade artwork from Indian artisans. We bring to you three exclusive choices – one where you can create an everlasting collage, the second apt for framing two pictures, and the third that is perfect for framing a single piece of photographic delight. 

Available in different colors, designs, and shapes, your interiors will be infused with the unique grace and charm of these lovely handcrafted wooden picture frames from the artisans of Little Elephant. For years our engineered wood pieces will adorn your walls and tables requiring minimal care and maintenance but drawing the attention of your guests, friends, and family with their simplicity and elegance!