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Green Onyx Boho Style Necklace with Sterling Silver Beads


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Stone: Onyx

  • Onyx

Base: Sterling Silver

  • Sterling Silver

Color: Green

  • Green

This beautiful handmade beaded necklace contains natural green onyx gemstones complete with boho style sterling silver beads. A unique handmade design for an authentic individual.

  • Natural green onyx gemstone
  • Handmade sterling silver beads
    Onyx’s birth begins with the legend of Eros, the Greek God of sexuality, who is sometimes depicted as Cupid. Many believe that green onyx boosts confidence and attracts positive energy.
    * Material: Metal
    * Stone: Carnelia
    * Weight: 40 gms
    * Dimensions: 18 inches Long
    * Gently wipe them with a soft cloth to remove sweat, perfume, excess oils or dirt before putting them away.
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