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Arabesque Drop Earrings


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Stone: Amethyst

  • Amethyst
  • Citrine

Light and lively, our darling Arabesque Drop Earrings combine form and function as slender French hooks interlace seamlessly with the tendrils in sterling silver that compose the earring’s round shape. 

  • Arabesque Design
  • Sterling Silver
A motif found in both ancient Islamic and Western ornamentation, the Arabesque is comprised of weaving and scrolling vine-like patterns. As they layer and interlace, Arabesque patterns often construct an elaborate symmetry that can be found spanning entire walls of age-old edifices. These rhythmic designs inspired our Arabesque jewels.
* Material: Sterling Silver
* Shape: Round
* Setting: Bezel
* Weight: 4 gms
* Dimensions: 0.5 cm W x 3.5 cm H
* Store your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dark place away from sources of sunlight, heat and moisture. To reduce scratching and tarnishing, store your pieces individually in small zip-lock plastic bags, removing as much air as possible. You may also want to put a small strip of anti-tarnish paper in each bag with the jewelry.
* Don’t leave silver jewelry in the bathroom unprotected, and do not wear it the shower, swimming pool or hot tub. Humidity and moisture can make tarnish appear faster!
* After taking off your silver jewelry, clean it with a dry soft cloth, or polishing cloth, before putting it back into an airtight container.
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