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The bed is the centerpiece of every bedroom, and if you want to transform a room, rethinking your bed and its covers is the first and easiest place to start. Our collection of luxury bedspreads, quilts, cushion covers and throw blankets bring in a high style quotient to your bedroom and living areas. With a wide range in prints – from folksy and funky to subtle and elegant – there’s something in it for everyone.

Simple lifestyle picks for bed spreads, quilts, cushion covers and throw blankets can define more than you know and is often the most used element in your everyday home comfort. Add some color and vibe to your home with our eclectic collection that comes in choices so unique that you’d wonder why anything else would do.

Buy Exclusive Handmade Quilts for Sale Online from Little Elephant

Block printing has been a traditional form of fabric printing for years now. At Little Elephant, we have attempted to bring the finest and the most premium quality of blocked printed quilts for sale online. Quilts are multi-faceted – they protect your bedding, keep your bed warm, and enhance the aesthetic look of the bed.

Block print bedding assists in a handsome transformation of your bed. Looking to alter the look of your bedroom? Looking for fine quality bedspreads and bed accessories? Are you specifically considering the option of buying handmade printed quilts? If yes, you are definitely at the right place!

Little Elephant is a store where we categorically sell handmade products and items. These handcrafted pieces are examples of the true craftsmanship of local artisans from different parts of India. Each item featured in our shop is made with the best quality material, be it the wood used for making wooden hangings or silk quilt used for printing blocks and detailed designs.

Block-printed items for the bedroom decor are available at our site in different colors, patterns, and designs. Our customers have a wide choice range to convert their bedrooms with their preferred hues and prints.

If you prefer traditional fabric paints and artwork, you can pick a complete range of bedroom essentials from Little Elephant – created from the finest quality fabrics such ascotton, silk, linen and wool. Visit our store and browse through a wide selection of handcrafted block print bedding items such as quilts, dohars, bedspreads, cushion covers and throw blankets.

From the use of subtle colors and designs to vibrant color tones, from floral prints to animal embroideries, from an intricate piece of work to simple minimal designs, you have the choice to match with every individual taste.

Block print is the famous and revered art from Jaipur, Rajasthan.The native artisans tastefully create block print fabrics and keep the essence of the traditional art form alive. Choices galore, guaranteed quality, and excellent handcrafted artistry – Little Elephant is where your search for all this and more comes to an end.

At Little Elephant, we are committed to brilliance in handmade renditions of traditional artwork by artisans. Offering the best competitive prices, we are committed to bringing the choicest block-printed bed accessories that are affordable and have proven quality.

Come and start the transformation of your bedroom by ordering for made-by-hand quilts for sale online from Little Elephant. Let us be a part of the makeover journey for your bedroom.